Make Business Blossom

We partner with multinational companies to overcome business challenges
through pragmatic & scalable digital solutions


What we offer

New concepts creation
& Ideation

Global Platforms
& Technologies

Tailored expertise
& Support

They made business blossom

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Our unique asset

logo bloom by irevolution

iRevolution created Bloom, a new generation of digital platform enabling a creative way of working to produce fast & impactful results

Plug n’Play & customizable
digital capabilities

No-code databases
& referential management

Connectivity suite
for your legacy systems

The Blooming Way

We solve your current pain point

Bloom allows us to design and build a solution for organizational & strategic issues in a matter of weeks.

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We root the solution in your legacy

Everything we design is adapted to our customers context. Bloom natively connects to existing applications & external sources to boost the solution’s capabilities & value

We grow the first success

All experts at iRevolution are deeply involved in your project to ensure a sustainable & impactful success

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You make it blossom

All your projects on Bloom can benefit the organization as a whole & form an ecosystem nurturing innovation. Each solution we design can be reused as Plug n'Play components to create new applications, without further developments, thus maximizing ROI with each investment

Let’s Make Business Blossom

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