Fast & Scalable Business Success
To address Strategic Challenges


New challenges have emerged with the digital revolution:


Customer Centricity


Innovation & New Business Models



In the digital age, brands must see new opportunities: regaining direct influence over consumers, repositioning their image, creating innovative services to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

To enable multinational companies to address their strategic challenges by leveraging the power of technology, iRevolution has created OneSolution, a business success oriented approach.

OneSolution, a business success oriented approach

OneSolution is a disruptive method to achieve fast and scalable business success leveraging technology, which combines a global super advanced Saas platform, the OneSolution Platform, and a range of business services, OneSolution Services.


To achieve Business Success,
iRevolution rolls out a unique approach in 3 main steps:

  • First Business Success

    3-4 months In 1-3 markets

    Build & test the business concept model in real market conditions

  • Extended Business Success

    3-6 months In 3-9 markets

    Increase business value by deploying selected geographies and capitalizing on the unique combination of a platform, a business expertise & a methodology.

    Measure Business Impact: Track ROI and business KPIs. & get ready for globalization.

  • Business Success at scale

    Grow Business

    Activate initiative in all regions/markets in no time by leveraging technology

    Grow business results through business animation and continuous value proposal extension.

Success as a Service

iRevolution offers multinational companies more than a business success. iRevolution offers, thanks to OneSolution Platform, a strategic business agility to help any company create high value.

OneSolution individualizable Platform:


Your individualized platform

100+ components across 9 categories:


Amazon Web Services

Some key components

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