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We bring digital efficiency to your team

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We manage for you the structure, the coordination and the communication of your internal and external data in a clear and flexible way.


A digital project requires business and technical resources and time. We have acquired real business expertise, which makes support a key element of our DNA. We lead the change and relieve your resources.

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Because a company, a person or even a profession functions differently, the expectations of each are diverse and varied. We believe that it is up to the tool to adapt to your wishes and not the other way around.

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Speed of execution

Today, everything has to move very fast. The ability to deliver a solution quickly is a major issue. We are able to set up your project in a few weeks.

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iRevolution brings value to various industries

For an agri-food group

Global strategic plan


  • Change of marketing and digital organization
  • 60 markets to cover with no existing data


  • Assessments by market
  • Customized dashboard
  • Assessment criteria adapted to the marketing and digital strategy of the group


  • Delivered in 2 weeks
  • Solution extended to 3 other internal services

For a pharmaceutical group

Workforce planification for 100 000 employees


  • Being able to plan HR needs for a global workforce
  • >100,000 employees with >500 connected users


  • Creation of multiple scenarios per country
  • Complex attrition calculations
  • Triangular collaboration: Finance / HR / Business


  • Delivered in 12 weeks
  • 8 Million data points to cover

For a government

Handling the Covid-19 crisis


  • 2 weeks to take national measures
  • Data distributed to nearly 2000 territories and hospitals


  • Assessments by territory
  • Implementation of field questionnaires at the start
  • Specific Dashboard


  • Delivered in 2 weeks
  • 60 prefectures

Our customers explain best how iRevolution can bring change in your organization


HR Global Analytics & SWP Head at Sanofi


Global Sales Acceleration & Capabilities PRO Director at Royal Canin.