OneSolution Platform: an individualizable digital platform

Lyon – November 8th, 2018

Accelerating its digital transformation is nowadays a necessity for any company wishing to obtain measurable business successes in no time. But how to achieve such a strategic challenge?

We have learned that business success is about making its digital transformation in a pragmatic way. So, we recommend to start with several identified business successes thanks to technology and then to extend them at scale, in no time, to transform the whole company.

To achieve this, appropriate tools are a necessity. Today, there is no customizable digital solution on the market that can address the 3 phases of a successful business strategy, research, go to market and industrialization.

To fill this gap and build an agile platform that would allow multinational companies to engage their digital transformation and achieve measurable business successes in no time, iRevolution has devoted half of its activity to research and development since its creation in 2013.

Innovation, customer feedbacks analysis, market research, competitive benchmark, everything is done to offer a solution able to address the strategic objectives of any multinational company.

The result of these investments is the creation of OneSolution Platform, a unique agile platform. Thanks to this customizable digital platform, iRevolution provides more than business successes: it offers a strategic business agility to help any company create high value.

OneSolution Platform, a unique digital platform:

  • Based on Amazon Web Services, the most agile and scalable technology foundation
  • Offering more than a hundred unique business components to support digital transformation

These components are divided into 9 categories to cover all the issues faced by multinational companies: Launch of a product or service in a short time-to-market, engagement of online distribution channels with a clear view, rollout of initiatives on a large scale in almost no time, efficient governance management.

  • Customized to each customer’s challenge

Thanks to the awesome possibilities of combining its 100 customizable business components, OneSolution Platform allows our customers to address each one of their business challenges faster. Agility, quick go-to-market, permanent maintenance of technical and business components as well as all the R&D investments done by iRevolution make OneSolution Platform a state-of-the-art digital platform.

Your individualized platform

OneSolution Platform

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

« Offering multinational companies fast & scalable business success leveraging technology addressing strategic challenges », this is iRevolution’s promise!

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