iWheel: iRevolution launches a new release

Lyon – May 15, 2017 – iRevolution launches a new release of iWheel, the world’s only SaaS solution to evaluate & accelerate your digital transformation.

Reach success: drive digital

Developing new services, increasing revenues through online channels and creating new business models are the main objectives of big companies. To that end, driving digital is crucial.

In a world where digital transformation is accelerating, how to keep a competitive advantage by getting faster the right capabilities to deploy effectively digital initiatives and align them to a group’s ambition? Indeed what would be the use of driving a Formula 1 on dirt roads?

To meet these needs and to solve difficulties met by companies in deploying successful strategic initiatives, iRevolution has created iWheel, the world’s only solution with 2 approaches.

2 approaches to drive digital transformation

  1. Achieve your digital ambition

With iWheel initial approach, driving its business thanks to a holistic view of its digital capabilities seems easy. Based on our iWheel 360 maturity model, assess, analyse, prioritize and set action plans to drive your transformation.

iWheel the project I am most proud of Michael AIDAN, CDO Danone

  1. Leverage your digital initiatives

Thanks to iWheel new approach, deploying successfully strategic initiatives is now also possible. Make the right choice and ensure digital initiative success on each market:

  • Prepare initiatives for success
  • Deploy initiatives based on local capabilities
  • Help your units to prioritize their digital roadmap & transformation plan

Thanks to iWheel, link your short-term digital initiatives to your global strategy and drive digital.