iWalk: Launch of a new version

Lyon – May 7, 2017 – iRevolution launches a new version of iWalk, global solution to implement and deploy new digital initiatives.

In an ever-changing world, innovating to meet market expectations and keep a competitive advantage has become a major priority for each company.

Innovating yes, but how to do so? If the idea appeals, its implementation may be frightening. Lots of innovative ideas never gather momentum.

How to successfully put an innovative idea into practice in a short time-to-market? How to implement and test rapidly new business models on the market?

A new progressive approach to engage change depending of your strategy & maturity

For years, iRevolution has created solutions to structure and accelerate digital transformation of big companies.

Thanks to their feedback and depending of their strategy and maturity, irevolution launches 3 progressive modules:
• iWalk Business Services: turn key digital solution with continuous improvement
iRevolution provides to mature companies turn key digital solution allowing them to launch 5 times faster new initiatives.
• iWalk Join Venture: engage Startup mindset in a co-working mode
Companies need external expertise on new markets. irevolution offers them to collaborate in a co-working mode, being organized in a joint venture.
• iWalk Business Provider: engage new business opportunities outside of the company
Lastly, companies sometimes wish to outsource the launch of new initiatives. Its expertise and end-to-end solutions allow iRevolution to drive these activities.

Innovating instead of investing in start-ups becomes easy thanks to an organization with the right support level and scalability allowing to switch from an operating mode to another depending of the maturity of the initiative and of its own maturity to keep innovating.