iScore: New version for the luxury sector

Lyon – June 1, 2017 – iRevolution launches a new version of iScore, global solution to boost your business in the digital world, 360° & worldwide, for the luxury sector.

In a world where digital revolution is accelerating, its several changes force luxury brands to re-evaluate their commercialization strategy. At a time when digital has become their major pillar of development, managing their brand image online and driving conversion is not only inevitable but also crucial.

What strategies can be adopted facing this revolution? In a fast-moving market, how to empower not only retail but also e-commerce while keeping a Premium image?

To allow luxury brands to succeed in negociating with their e-retailers and managing them in a structured way, iRevolution has created iScore, the world’s only solution leveraging expertise and SaaS tools to boost business in the digital world, 360° & worldwide.

Take the lead on your eRetailers with a solution ready to go in 1 week !

« I finally have an effective solution and approach to empower my eRetail »

Thanks to iScore, managing brand charter, enhancing customer experience and driving conversion become easy:

  • Challenge your organization & drive eRetail strategy
  • E-Retail is detail: Measure your brand & product perception through your eRetailers
  • Drive performance & success
  • Thrive on collaboration & meet customer ever-changing needs

Empower your eRetail with iScore! A single solution to manage your brand image online and take the lead on your eRetailers.