Fast & Scalable Business Success
To address Strategic Stakes


New challenges emerged with the digital revolution:


Customer Centricity


Innovation to create new business models or accelerate change



iRevolution offers multinational companies a unique approach to have a strong impact in significant markets and obtain a high ROI in a short time-to- market.

OneSolution, a business success oriented approach

OneSolution is a disruptive method to achieve fast and scalable business success leveraging digital, which combines a global super advanced technological Saas platform, iWalk™ and a range of support services, iRevServices.


To achieve Business Success,
iRevolution rolls out a unique approach in 3 main phases:

  • Business Success

    3-4 months In 1-3 markets

    Build & activate, business concept

    Evaluate the business concept model in market situations

  • Extended Business Success

    3-6 months Value in 3-9 markets

    Increase business value including “high business impact” services to grow business results in selected geographies

    Measure Business Impact: Track ROI and business KPIs. & get ready for globalization.

  • Global Business Success

    Grow Business

    Activate initiative in all regions/markets

    Grow business results through business animation and continuous value proposal extension.

A SaaS platform including detailed proven models and data (opportunities catalog, market potential by industry…)


A range of support services including strategic support, digital & industries expertise, consultancy & coaching

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