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Change management Global roll-out Business experts

Support is the key element of our DNA

iRevolution is not just about technological innovation. We are aware that business teams need accute support to steer international organizations, and we answer each call.

Change Management

Innovation requires adaptation, iRevolution supports business teams in engaging change in their organization.

Global roll-out

Our solutions are deployed globally and we are prepared to launch at any place, any time.

Business experts

Our account managers have both a digital and business background in various industries.

How we support our customers

Strategy & positionning

We create and deploy digital platorms on a step by step approach, closely monitoring success and carefully adapting the technical & business solution to our audience & users.

Expectations management

We set the best realistic scenarios to ensure reaching our customers business objectives by encompassing budget/resources & organizational constraints.

X-functional approach

We engage conversations with all parties involved in any projects to break silos and ensure all requirements are met & ambitions answered.

Continuous presence

We maintain a continuous presence for our customers and remain by their side during and after each project, whether online for adhoc support or for onsite workshops.

Business execution

We support business execution when required by directly intervening in our customers processes (Internal communications, B2B support, engaging remote teams, …)

Key success indicators

Key success indicators are set in partnership with our customers for each project to communicate internally and broadcast how change is happening in the organization.

We aspire to bring the best for our customers

International team

Each of our team member has an international experience and is used to travel and get in touch with remote teams around the globe. We can speak 6 different languages to better adapt to any situation.

Multi-industry expertise

Each key account manager at iRevolution has a multi-industry expertise having directly or indirectly worked with Luxury, automotive, manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical or energy industry. This allows us to bring X-industry best practices and experience for our customers.

Experienced with complex organizations

All of our customers are global and complex organizations in which it can be difficult to navigate and reach rapid success. Our experience allows us to bring agility even when dozens of countries and thousands of users are involved.