Fast time to market Minimum investments Built for you
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Create the solution you need without efforts

Bloom by iRevolution is a no-code platform allowing us to create business solutions with minimum or no development.

Fast time to market

A business application in few weeks: yes, it's possible.

Minimum investments

Scale your investments with your success: no need for heavy investment to prove concept value.

Built for you

You have specific needs: you'll get specific solution.

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The best of no-code without the pains

Unlimited customisations

Most no-code platforms on the market are frameworks which don’t allow customisations outside what the product can deliver off the shelf. Bloom is an open platform allowing all kinds of specific customisations to match your needs.

Adapted to complex organizations

Bloom can cover complex international organizations and allows distributed teams to manage processes & data. Our no-code database management offers maximum flexibility to handle any change in the organization of our customers or any potential evolution.

80% of needs covered from kick-off

Bloom offers off-the-shelf modules to measure data, build reports, share and structure information. This allows us to start running any project from kickoff before building specific features required.

A few example of what Bloom by iRevolution can be setup for

Online surveys

Collect and Share data across your organization

Global action plans

Collaborate on global and local action plans

Projects governance

Centralize projects governance and management

Strategic planning

Evaluate strategy implementations and planning

Risks assessments

Deploy risk evaluations and reporting

Validation workflow

Streamline your workflows across complex organizations

Information repositories

Structure catalogs to share internally or externally

Resources management

Organize resources across programs and projects

And more…