With 100 ready-to-use modules, the OneSolution platform offers an almost infinite number of combinations to meet all the company’s needs without requiring custom development.

Module 1 is geared towards UX: prototyping, training, online dynamic help
Module 2 makes bespoke developments possible and is the enabler of the iterative feedback, correction, and development fine-tuning process
This module is the basis for the deployment of the One Solution platform in an agile manner. It enables the personalization of the platform for each customer
This module is aimed at setting up goals and metrics for the project as well as the follow up of the results, based on predefined KPIs
Ecommerce and eRetail module: aims at defining the strategy, terms and conditions, models, rules and metrics for future alliances
The governance module enables the monitoring of the business based on dashboards predefined with our customers, in synch with its goals and strategy
Deployment support module covering all tasks from market assessment to the strengths and weaknesses analysis, for each market
Ongoing support module: our experts guarantee your eRetail project success across all possible dimensions ranging from industry eRetail evaluation to digital project governance on all targeted worldwide markets.
OneSolution’s promise

Allowing multinationals to achieve fast and scalable business success, leveraging technology and addressing strategic challenges.

OneSolution is a disruptive method that combines a global advanced SaaS platform, the OneSolution platform, and a range of professional services, the OneSolution services

OneSolution: an AI-driven digital platform

Our AI-driven digital platform, powered by AWS, offers a complete range of tools for configuring the administration and control of the OneSolution platform. The platform is based on the most advanced AI technologies. These modules cover both the configuration and management of infrastructures and the administration of the OneSolution platform itself.

A tailor-made interface module with the information system of your business allows the OneSolution platform to be linked to your legacy IT. As a result, it ensures that your digital transformation effort is in sync with all your digital assets, across your entire organization.

Business modules of the OneSolution platform

In business terms, the objective of the business modules is to set the basis for offering a customized platform to each client:

  • KPIs (or key performance indicators) that will make it possible to set objectives, metrics and thus measure the achievement of such goals and their monitoring
  • E-commerce and retail: in terms of alliances, strategy, models, rules and metrics
  • The governance module makes it possible to monitor the progress of your business based on dashboards defined with the client according to their objectives and strategy

Technical modules of the OneSolution platform

A set of functional modules have been added to the platform to allow the customization and adaptation of frontends to each particular situation:

  • The first module is geared towards user experience: prototyping, training, dynamic online help, etc.
  • The second module allows for custom developments, governing the iterative process of feedback, corrections and customization of developments
  • The data-based deployment project module provides an agile and global framework for the deployment of the OneSolution platform to each customer in a personalized, iterative and scalable manner

Service modules of the OneSolution platform

iRevolution supports its customers with the deployment of its OneSolution platform through 3 interdependent service modules:

  • A Go-to-market module (GTM)
  • A module to assist with the implementation of the platform which encompasses multiple phases: market evaluation, analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the project, and the analysis of each market
  • A module which supports clients, with the help of our experts, to ensure the success of the e-Retail project in all its dimensions. The module encompasses the cross-sector e-Retail evaluation and digital project governance in all the global markets targeted by our clients.

Digital strategy success is when you do it 10X!

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