Our method

Podcast: iRevolution method, by Yahya El Mir, co-founder of iRevolution


Digital transformation: helping multinationals overcome agility issues

Our field experience, mainly with multinationals, has enabled us to highlight a significant issue encountered by large companies. Digital and disruptive technologies have brought their share of complexity. Start-ups have been very prompt at taking up the subject, but large groups are still facing many difficulties when it comes to accepting new ways of working. As a consequence, and despite their leadership status, big companies find themselves hard-pressed to react and quickly enter markets and test new ideas in just a few months.

This novel situation imposes three challenges on such large businesses:

Big businesses must be responsive to new players with a perfect command of digital technologies

They must take into account their organizational constraints and DNA

They must favor scalability, the ultimate goal being to deploy the solution in dozens of countries

Our solution

Our solution: methodology, tools and resources

To meet these challenges, we have developed a three-pronged solution:

Our method meant to support customers will give the company the keys to solve the challenges mentioned above. It starts with an initial test phase, then branches into a successful pilot project phase, the reduction of go-to-market delays, and the rapid deployment of a solution, etc. Such an approach requires the gradual adoption of a different way of working.

The purpose of technology is to speed up and simplify processes, while avoiding adding any complexity at all costs. The tools employed by a company influence its way of working: a wrong choice of tool breaks team dynamics by imposing deadlines throughout the project. The purpose of our platform is to provide the tools required to apply the method mentioned above.  This platform is then adapted to each type of customer and each sector of activity.

To ensure the proper functioning of the method and the tools accompanying it, it’s essential one hires the right people to hold the helm. They should be the ones, starting from a blank sheet, who can turn ideas into viable concepts.

Our methodology


Defining the business concept

The first step is to validate if the idea or business concept works. A mistake which companies often make is that they spend a year or two on this step: it is useless and counterproductive; this step should not exceed 3 to 4 months.

Test and learn stage

If the concept makes sense, it shall be tested over a broader area. It will be necessary to measure specific indicators to convince top management and the rest of the company.

Deployment phase

If the performance indicators are on par with expectations and the project has performed well, it can be spread throughout the business. One can then extend its scope in terms of the number of countries, functionalities, or targets.

Helping businesses achieve success

Our methodology requires a stage by stage implementation. It makes it possible to control the budget and avoid spending vast amounts of money before you have assessed whether the project is viable or not.

This method also takes into account the organization and culture of a multinational firm. Large businesses have nothing to do with start-ups. The project owner will need to convince employees across the board that they should work as a team and win the support of all the stakeholders involved and collect precise indicators.

Finally, we aim to support the company towards achieving business success. We strive to make teams master this way of working so that the brand can replicate achievements on its own in the future.