Is digital transformation just a buzzword?

27 June 2019
Digital transformation. It’s pretty much a case of “Talk less. Do more”. It is quite an old term which has been, in one form or another, doing the rounds since the early 2000s. Digital maturity is still a work in progress Conventional wisdom is that we have made great...> Read more

Robot Doctor? Cyborg Patient! The digital transformation of healthcare

13 June 2019
Robot Doctor? Cyborg Patient! The digital transformation of healthcare Will your future doctor be a robot? Will your treatment see you becoming part machine, almost a cyborg patient? We talk about the future of healthcare technology using language that comes from an imaginative place. A place where science fiction...> Read more

The expert’s opinion: 7 pitfalls to avoid in digital transformation

28 May 2019
There are many reasons and many ways to go if you want to stack the odds in your favor to ensure your digital transformation fails. To analyze these causes of failure, we asked Gregory Pallière, co-founder and Chief Development Officer of iRevolution to share his experiences in the field.

Digital Transformation Is More Than Change Management

23 May 2019
Spring, Melting Silos and New Services Whereas change management is about identifying specific processes to be digitized and implementing them, digital transformation is about using new technologies to solve existing problems, even long-standing ones. Between the two there is a radical shift of emphasis. In this piece, I will...> Read more

Transforming your business with Digital Eagles

6 May 2019
Transforming Your Business With Digital Eagles – The Innovation Super Heroes Innovating, and in particular innovating in the digital sphere, and particularly transforming businesses, requires very different characters from the usual ones found in the field, in management. Without underestimating the needs or the difficulties of running a business,...> Read more
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