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Digital transformation is probably the most hyped subject in the entire business universe. Everybody is doing digital transformation, and all businesses have already ticked the right boxes. However, as the saying goes, the only proof is in the pudding.

Why a blog about digital transformation

Maybe the reason why we are not impressed is due to our long-standing work in the field. Such a practice has taught us dedication, focus, and humility.

It may sound strange to you, but humility is probably the most important quality shared by those people who want to (really) revolutionize things and innovate. Knowing that one knows nothing (or at least not as much as one will learn tomorrow) is a guarantee that one will look at things differently and will challenge the status quo.

There is a gap between what digital transformation is perceived to be and what it really is.

We fundamentally believe there is a profound misunderstanding about digital transformation. Such as disconnect has probably a lot to do with the fact that so many talk about it and that everybody understands something different when they hear the expression.

To us who have been using technology to transform businesses for years, it all sounds obvious that digital technology is just an enabler even though a powerful one. What we see in the field however is too much use of technology for the sake of technology. Approaching digital transformation like this produces no impact on business. On the contrary, the effect is even often adverse.

Beyond headlines, what lies is business results and the need to transform businesses deeply and significantly. It’s not about the tablets you have given to members of your staff. It’s not about the line of code that your CEO has just written, and it’s not about that brand-new app on the AppStore either*. It’s about the money you make, and it’s about the customers you gain (and retain) it’s about business. Just business and it’s as simple as that.

This blog is about digital transformation. Or rather, our perception of digital transformation. 

Moreover, a transformation isn’t (just) a change management exercise.

All of the above are the reason why this blog is about digital transformation. Or rather, our vision of digital transformation. A point of view in which business results are always present and where we aim at showing the meaningful impact of technology.

Why a digital horror museum?

When choosing that theme of a digital transformation horror museum, we meant to address some of the most significant issues regarding the perception of digital innovation in business. We feel that there is a disconnect between a lot of the content available and the pain points of business owners and managers in the field.

While much of the content available is geared towards technicality, most of the issues that managers are facing are on a different level playing field. The real point isn’t really about “digital transformation” itself. We are just using this expression because it’s convenient and everybody understands it. That said, “transformation with digital” would be more suitable.

Beyond that question of terminology, most business people’s true difficulties lie with other subjects. They will indeed have concerns related to their relationship with IT or other departments, cross-organizational management beyond traditional silos, issues related to threats by new entrants like Amazon and — more so in the future — Alibaba and other relevant marketplaces. Last but not least, how to derive a proper ROI from a digital transformation initiative, etc.

Through this blog we have tried to highlight, somewhat humorously, some of the basic flaws regarding the common views of digital innovation in order to deliver our vision and advice regarding what we hold as a business-orientated approach of digital transformation.

The blog is organized around three major section:

  • The digital transformation hall of shame describes some of the worst practices in this domain,
  • digital transformation survivors contains views about some of the best practices
  • and Wake up from the dead is aimed at depicting the key success factors of a truly flourishing business-driven digital transformation.

This blog is aimed at all those who share an interest in transforming businesses with digital technology who think that digital can actually make a difference and help businesses scale and thrive.


*these are all real-life examples of statements read in the press