Eretail: keeping control of online sales

9 October 2019
Eretail will become inevitable for companies, it is undeniable. Not anticipating this e-commerce evolution is a risk of losing control over your online sales strategy. Nowadays, brands sell a high portion of their products or services online, but this can be a trap because these sales are made via...> Read more

Digital technology and mass market: by will or by force

19 September 2019
The mass market is probably one of the most affected by new digital uses. For a simple reason: consumers have massively made their digital transformation, unlike companies and institutions. It’s the same difference as between the outboard and the supertanker. The outboard changes course quickly and is quite responsive,...> Read more

Marketers: stop undergoing digital transformation and take back control!

5 September 2019
While digital transformation is deeply changing marketing jobs, the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) gradually feels the change (and the danger) coming. In its report entitled « CMOs: Define Your Role In Digital Transformation », Forrester warns marketers: while digital transformation offers the promise of an improved customer experience, it nevertheless represents...> Read more

Digital Modernization VS Digital Transformation

11 July 2019
Upgrades and Evolutions: The Difference between Digital Modernisation and Digital Transformation A lot of organizations confuse digital transformation with digital modernization. Digital transformation involves a profound change of how an organization does business, interacts with its stakeholders and its ecosystems. It is about changing processes and practices. What most...> Read more

Is digital transformation just a buzzword?

27 June 2019
Digital transformation. It’s pretty much a case of “Talk less. Do more”. It is quite an old term which has been, in one form or another, doing the rounds since the early 2000s. Digital maturity is still a work in progress Conventional wisdom is that we have made great...> Read more
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