iRevolution was created in 2013, from inception our objective was to make digital transformation a reality for our customers.

For over 8 years, we supported major organizations in implementing new ways of working, new solutions for their business & process in different areas (eCommerce, digital acceleration, new business models, D2C solutions, …).

All our experiences led us to realize that a lot of processes and strategic challenges were still managed with Excel or outdated solutions, and that’s where we had to start.

To tackle this issue, we created our own No-code technology, Bloom by iRevolution, to meet our ambitions of speed and performance.

Now, Bloom by iRevolution is a major technology used worldwide and has already changed the way many of our customers work, saving a lot of time along the way !

Good enough is not enough anymore. It's time to stop pretending that anything is achievable with good enough tools, good enough data or good enough resources. The stakes are high, your time is limited.

It is not normal that you struggle with outdated solutions to do your job, it is not normal that you waste your time sorting emails and compiling Excel files, it is not normal that you don't have the information to take a decision when you have to.

We believe no company is too big to change, anybody can have an impact and say stop.

Our job is to support and change things with them.

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