3 conditions to fast time-to-market: Commitment, commitment, commitment!

What makes a fast, qualitative delivery of Business Value a reality beyond expectations is simple in words. But far more complicated in acts. To reach ambitious time-to-market, commitment is required at every stage of a Business Initiative rocket.

What do we mean by commitment?


At sponsor level

Commitment to the iterative approach is of paramount importance, acknowledging its advantages AND concessions. Because if you intend to move fast, do not expect to do it with a millstone around the neck. That won’t happen, ever. It does not mean everything has to be wild and out of control. On the contrary, a fast time-to-market approach requires even more discipline and rigour.

Sacrifice lies in what you cannot expect: the delivery of an immutable, contractual scope engagement. Make this outdated, non-negotiable point a tight bit looser, and you can expect in return that things go fast and create Business Value. Of course, this is far easier with a partner you trust, both from the quality and commitment points of view. Because you contractualize an attitude and means that come with it, not a pre-defined result. You bet people engaged in such innovative, fast time-to-market approach to Business Value delivery will be hugely rewarding to you. And you would be amazed how it often turns to be true.

At Core Team level

Commitment from Core Team leaders to the fast-paced delivery is no less important and relies on being able to take quick decisions and maintain a (measured) risk-taker attitude.

Nothing is more threatening to time-to-market than decisions impossible to obtain. That inability to decide is a true killer of fast Business Value delivery. So, commitment expected from Core Team in a Business Initiative is simple but crucial:

• Be knowledgeable about Business Value currently created
• Be accountable for the decisions (features, scope…), and be courageous about it
• Be quick and available whenever a decision has to be taken

That kind of Core Team, you do not meet them everyday. But they exist and they are a delight to work with. And we know for sure they are regularly rewarded with great Business Value and time-to-market. Courage and commitment have to have their bright sides!

With/From Partners who deliver

Now for the heart of delivery, commitment must be absolute to quality and respect of engagement. Engagement of delivering Business Value, of being agile whenever it is possible, of being fully dedicated to the time-to-market goal every Initiative member is aiming at.

The delivery partners able to manage that kind of commitment do not grow on trees. They are a particular breed of Business Initiative partners, often digital-born, with specific approach to fast delivery:

• Smart Team: small, dedicated team of highly-skilled people (commando), organized on a flat hierarchy
• Iterative methods: ability to manage Business Value creation with quick, ready for use iterations, following a continuous improvement of the Initiative
• DevOps methods and infrastructures: ability to manage PROD deliveries, worldwide, very quickly and efficiently
• Rollout methods: ability to make the Initiative available to Business users at a quick pace, including complex deployments with change management

Find that kind of Partners and commitment from Sponsor and Core Team will flow naturally.

Sharing the rules of the game

This commitment at every level has to be explained and shared, clearly exposed from the very genesis of the initiative. We are talking about a bold move here, something unusual and ambitious, with all the potential for huge success and relative or total failure. That is why the rules of the game must be clear to everybody from the beginning. Share success, share failure, and always learn from it together.

When a company decides to be bold, it cannot expect to win everytime. But it can surely expect to win BIG when an ambitious Business initiative hits the bull’s eye in a record time-to-market.

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